Sharing best practice for data-enabled randomised clinical trials

25 October 2018

Clinical triallists, data experts, regulatory bodies and funders came together at the Wellcome Trust on 22 October to share their knowledge and experience on randomised controlled trials (RCTs) driven by routinely collected clinical data.

Delegates at the Frontiers Meeting considered the design and feasibility, recruitment, conduct, data collection and analysis of data-enabled RCTs and discussed how to:

  • share practical solutions to actual or perceived barriers to eTrials
  • encourage research teams to be ambitious about what these trials can achieve now and in the future
  • provide leadership in this area by developing an appropriate commissioning brief for efficient data-enabled RCTs. 

Researchers were encouraged to develop proposals based on routine data-driven clinical trials at scale. These could be considered via the usual NIHR funding routes or through relevant topic specific commissioning calls in the future.

The event was jointly sponsored by NIHR Health Technology Assessment Programme (HTA), Health Data Research UK (HDR UK) and CPRD. An academic meeting report summarising the outcomes of the meeting will be made publicly available.

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