Frequency of migraine and the use of preventive medication in a UK primary care population

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Recent data on the epidemiology of migraine in the UK is scarce. The intention of this study is to provide reliable, current data on the epidemiology and treatment patterns of migraine in the adult UK population treated by general practitioners (GPs) focusing mainly on the prevalence of the population who have ceased at least 3 oral migraine preventive classes.
This is an observational study using data from the CPRD with cross-sectional prevalence assessment (1 Jan 2020), one year cumulative incidence assessment (1 Jan 2019 to 31 Dec 2019) and longitudinal preventive treatment patterns assessment (12 Sep 2012 to 1 Jan 2020).
Numerator and denominator populations for the prevalence and cumulative incidence of migraine calculations and study cohorts for the longitudinal assessment of migraine preventive treatment patterns will be identified from the total CPRD population. Migraine will be ascertained through history of Read codes and preventive medications will be identified using medication codes.
Study variables include migraine, preventive medications (name and duration), age, gender, BMI, region, and referral to neurologist.
The statistical analysis in the study will be descriptive. Prevalence and cumulative incidence calculations will be reported as n/1,000 (95% CI). Treatment patterns will be tabulated and illustrated using a histogram and Sankey diagram. Patient characteristics and frequency of referrals will be described using standard univariate descriptive statistics.
This study will generate evidence on the prevalence of adult migraine in a UK primary care population.

Health Outcomes to be Measured

• Migraine
• Migraine preventive medication use
• Age
• Gender
• Region
• Referral to neurologist


Julie Mount - Chief Investigator - Eli Lilly & Co - UK
Julie Mount - Corresponding Applicant - Eli Lilly & Co - UK
Andrew Pain - Collaborator - Eli Lilly & Co - UK
Camilla Kristine Appel - Collaborator - Eli Lilly & Co - UK
david kernick - Collaborator - NHS DEVON CCG
Michael Ranopa - Collaborator - Eli Lilly and Company Ltd. (UK)
Tania Gulati - Collaborator - Eli Lilly & Co Ltd - US Headquarters