Latest linked datasets

The latest set of linkage data is now available for use in research studies.

The set (set 20) contains an update of priority linkages to support COVID-19 research along with the first tranche of CPRD linked Second Generation Surveillance System (SGSS) COVID-19 positive virology test data up to end July 2020.

ONS deaths data (up to 22 June 2020), HES APC (up to end May 2020) and small area data are also now available. The linkage data include 9,209,875 acceptable patients in the CPRD GOLD September 2020 build and 35,455,648 acceptable patients in the CPRD Aurum September 2020 build.

Set 19 HES A&E (up to end March 2020) and cancer data from Public Health England (up to end 2018) are now available too.

CPRD also has COVID-19 feasibility counts to support COVID-19 research. The next update will be available in January 2021.