Linked data update

The latest set of linkage data is now available for use in research studies.

The HES OP, HES A&E, HES DID and NCRAS cancer registrations/SACT/RTDS linkage data are now available, alongside the priority linkages for set 21.

This latest linkage set now contains ONS deaths data (to 16/11/2020), HES APC/OP/DID (to 31/10/2020), HES A&E (to 31/03/2020), SGSS and CHESS (to 29/09/2020), NCRAS cancer registrations/SACT/RTDS (to 2018) and small area data. The linkage data include 9,268,968 acceptable patients in the CPRD GOLD January 2021 build and 37,714,624 acceptable patients in the CPRD Aurum January 2021 build.

Further information is available on the linked data web page.

These linked datasets have been assigned a digital object identifier (DOI), to support transparent, reproducible research and provide additional assurance of data provenance and data coverage. Further information is available on theĀ CPRD DOIs web page.