Changes in lung function (FEV1) over time in a primary care COPD cohort

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People with COPD have a faster decline in their lung function than people without COPD. However, little is known about how quickly lung function decline in a primary care cohort in an average COPD patient. Additionally, among people with COPD the speed with which lung function is lost varies, and these individuals may represent a distinct phenotype. Using a mixed effects liner model, we will investigate decline in lung function in people with prevalent COPD over a 10 year period, we will also stratify this analysis by several important factors to explore whether lung function decline is more rapid in certain groups.


Jennifer Quint - Chief Investigator - Imperial College London
Kieran Rothnie - Collaborator - GlaxoSmithKline - UK
Steven Kiddle - Collaborator - Astra Zeneca Ltd - UK Headquarters


HES Admitted Patient Care;Patient Level Index of Multiple Deprivation;Practice Level Index of Multiple Deprivation