Chief Medical Officer Annual Report

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Technical Summary

The Chief Medical Officer (CMO) Report provides an assessment of the state of the public’s health and advises government on where action may be required. Data and information that describes the health of the population is essential to the report, particularly data highlighting current trends in the health issues to be covered by the report, over time. Such data are often available from published sources but from time to time may be generated, on an ad-hoc basis, where there is a paucity of information in specific areas. The 2014 annual report relates to Women's Health in England. CPRD data will be used to generate select aggregated output and basic descriptive statistics to support several chapters of the report. Rates will be presented with their 95% confidence interval where applicable, and tests for trend over time will be evaluated.


Edward Mullins - Chief Investigator - Department of Health
Tarita Murray-Thomas - Corresponding Applicant - CPRD
Jennifer Campbell - Collaborator - CPRD


ONS Death Registration Data