Comorbidity in the aging HIV population of the UK: a CPRD analysis.

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The primary objectives in this three-part retrospective matched cohort database study of HIV+ve patients and matched controls (HIV-) are to: i) evaluate the prevalence of non-HIV related co-morbidities in HIV+ patient's compared to HIV- patients; ii) compare incidence of diseases over time; iii) identify risk factors for incident disease onset. Observation is from January 1st 2004 until December 31st 2014. Follow up is for a decade in 24 month epochs (x5). Outcomes are clinical and demographic characteristics at index date and over time, plus major co-morbidities reported per epoch with particular interest in cardiovascular disease (CVD); diabetes; neuro-psychiatric disease; respiratory diseases; primary neoplasms; non-hereditary renal disease plus hepatic and blood dyscrasias. Analyses will be: a) cross-sectional descriptive analyses of HIV+ and HIV- clinical characteristics and comorbidity diagnoses in the years 2004 and 2014; b) longitudinal follow up of patients describing prevalent co-morbidities and new diagnoses over the 10 year period; c) modelling risk factors for co-morbidity incidence over ten years follow-up including HIV status, age and interaction between the two. Individual repeated measures models will be developed for the four diseases that have the highest prevalence.


Louise Watson - Chief Investigator - EpiPharmaCo
Eilish McCann - Collaborator - Merck & Co., Inc.
Ruth Farquhar - Collaborator - Exploristics
Ryan Dillon - Collaborator - Merck Sharp & Dohme - UK