Demography and pattern of causes of death in recognised alcohol misusers in the English General Practice (GP) population

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Lay Summary

The patterns of causes of death in the alcohol misuse population in the general practice (GP) population have not been researched very much previously. We aim to improve on this by using data in the Clinical Practice Research Datalink (CPRD) to estimate these patterns. We will carry out a study of the alcohol drinking population and a sample of all patients, following them up in time. We will provide information on basic descriptions of this population such as counting how many alcohol misusers there are, how common they are within the GP data, how old they are, and their genders, among others. We will also present their chances of dying from any cause, from common causes of death, as well as from the causes of death that are related specifically to the drinking of alcohol. We will compare these patterns to those of other groups within the GP data, such as the whole GP population and low-risk drinkers.

Technical Summary

The mortality patterns of the alcohol misusing population have been relatively under-explored. This hinders the planning of health services that are tailored to the health needs of this population. We aim to contribute to reducing this knowledge gap by conducting a cohort study of recognised alcohol misusing, non-drinking, low-risk drinking and the general populations in the CPRD dataset. We will provide descriptive epidemiological information on the numbers, prevalence and basic demographic characteristics of these groups. We intend to report the all-cause and cause-specific mortality rates (as hazards and risk), as well mortality rate ratios of alcohol misusing categories relative to other populations.


Timothy Card - Chief Investigator - University of Nottingham
Abdul-Rahman Abdul-Kareem - Corresponding Applicant - University of Nottingham
Kate Fleming - Collaborator - University of Liverpool


HES Admitted Patient Care;HES Outpatient;ONS Death Registration Data;Patient Level Index of Multiple Deprivation;Practice Level Index of Multiple Deprivation