Evaluating the utility of the CPRD GOLD-HTI linkage: anticoagulant prescribing at the GP practice compared to hospital dispensed medication at discharge date

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Technical Summary

This study aims to demonstrate the utility of the linkage between CPRD primary care data (GOLD) and the HTI which links hospital dispensing information, events in hospital and the primary care data. To do this, anticoagulants (novel oral anticoagulants (NOACs) heparin and warfarin) have been chosen as an example medication that may be initiated in hospital and continued by the GP. The aim is to see if we can follow patients from one setting (hospital) to the next (primary care).

Health Outcomes to be Measured

Anticoagulant prescribing at the GP practice


Arlene Gallagher - Chief Investigator - CPRD
Adam Collier - Collaborator - IQVIA - UK
Hassy Dattani - Collaborator - EPIC UK
Rachel Tham - Collaborator - IQVIA Ltd
Tim Williams - Collaborator - CPRD