Medical resource use and costs associated with diabetes complications in the population of diabetes patients receiving insulin therapy in the United Kingdom

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Lay Summary

Good insulin injection practices are important for successful insulin therapy in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) and type 1 diabetes mellitus (T1DM). The purpose of this study is to understand the medical resource use (MRU) and costs associated with diabetes related complications among people with diabetes in the United Kingdom (UK) who receive insulin therapy. The findings from this study may shed light on factors related to injection technique and factors associated with complications that could have a positive impact on patient care.

Technical Summary

The objectives of this study are to quantify the clinical outcomes and MRU for diabetics using various insulin delivery systems, and to examine these in important subgroups. Using a retrospective observational design, we will use descriptive analyses to examine demographics and clinical characteristics of the population, multivariate statistics to examine the MRU and costs, and multivariate Poisson regression to determine factors associated with diabetes complications. The outcomes will also be examined within subgroups of patients to determine how they differ by important subpopulations potentially at higher risk for increased MRU, costs, and more frequently-occurring complications.


Colin Hopley - Chief Investigator - BD - Becton, Dickinson and Company
Didier Morel - Collaborator - BD - Becton, Dickinson and Company
Grace Vanterpool - Collaborator - Ealing Hospital NHS Trust
Kenneth Strauss - Collaborator - BD - Becton, Dickinson and Company
Peter Davies - Collaborator - Sandwell General Hospital


HES Admitted Patient Care;HES Outpatient;Patient Level Index of Multiple Deprivation;Practice Level Index of Multiple Deprivation