CPRD Aurum Ethnicity Record May 2022

Release date

Citation: Clinical Practice Research Datalink. (2023). CPRD Aurum Ethnicity Record May 2022 (Version 2022.05.001) [Data set]. Clinical Practice Research Datalink. https://doi.org/10.48329/hxkf-ym87


The CPRD Ethnicity Record is comprised of a single derived ethnicity category for each patient in CPRD GOLD and CPRD Aurum. The Ethnicity Records draw ethnicity data from the primary care databases and, for linkage eligible patients, Hospital Episode Statistics (HES) datasets.  

Access is subject to fees and an approved study protocol. Further information is available at https://cprd.com/cprd-algorithm-derived-data

Please contact enquiries@cprd.com for further information or if you have any questions.