Senior management team



Dr Janet Valentine 

Janet has been the Director of CPRD since January 2015, and is a member of the MHRA Corporate Executive Board.

Before joining CPRD, Janet was Head of Population Health and Health Informatics at the Medical Research Council (MRC). Janet’s scientific background is in cancer research and she has worked at Breakthrough Breast Cancer and the Imperial Cancer Research Fund.

Head of Data Tools and Technology 

Dr Tim Williams 

Tim started at CPRD as an epidemiologist in 2001. Having worked within observational research until 2015 he now heads up Data Tools and Technology. His team is responsible for landing processing and preparing primary care data and linked data for access and use in research.

Tim has also worked at the University of Surrey Post Graduate Medical School, running the unit’s databases and contributing directly to epidemiological research. Tim holds a PhD in Biomedical Databases from Leeds University and has an MSc in Epidemiology from LSHTM.

Head of Observational Research

Dr Puja Myles

Puja has been at CPRD since April 2017 and is responsible for observational research team activities including data characterisation, value-added research services and research advice provision.

Prior to joining CPRD Puja was a Public Health Academic at the University of Nottingham. Puja is a fellow of the Faculty of Public Health (UK), a senior fellow of the Higher Education Academy (UK) and holds a PhD in Epidemiology.

Head of Interventional Research

Anna Higgins 

Anna joined CPRD in 2012 as Head of Interventional Research, leading the team in the delivery of clinical trial efficiencies.

Anna has over 20 years clinical research experience holding tenures within Singapore’s Ministry of Health, the pharmaceutical and CRO (Clinical Research Organisation) industries and clinical trial technology providers in both academic and commercial sectors. 



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