Research using CPRD data has informed drug safety guidance and clinical practice and resulted in over 2,900 peer-reviewed publications. The CPRD bibliography is updated on a monthly basis (last updated 4 January 2022) and papers are listed below and in the PDF below.

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This work uses data provided by patients and collected by the NHS as part of their care and support. CPRD encourages researchers to use this citation in all publications using CPRD data. Find out more about acknowledging the use of patient data at the Understanding Patient Data website



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C. L. Morgan, Jenkins-Jones, S., Knaggs, R., Currie, C., Conway, P., Poole, C. D., and Berni, E., Characterization and Associated Costs of Constipation Relating to Exposure to Strong Opioids in England: An Observational Study, Clin Ther, 2021.
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